Retainer Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT is made Between the Client (s) (indicate Minor or Incompetent's Name separately and identify if such)

Whose address and telephone number is Referred to as "You", AND Referred to as the "Law Firm"

  1. Your Injury of Damages. You have been injured or suffered damages as of an auto accident which occurred


    You agree that the Law Firm will make a claim on your behalf against others who are responsible for your injuries or damages. Names and addresses of those you feel are responsible for the injury (ies):


  2. Legal Services. The Law Firm will protect your legal rights and do all necessary legal work to properly represent You in this matter. The Law Firm expects you to cooperate and follow its instructions.
  3. Costs and Expenses. You may be responsible to pay for expenses in connection with the institution and prosecution of your claim. Such expenses may include, among other things, expert's fees and expenses for other testimony or evidence, court costs, and possibly other expenses associated with your claim. You will not be required to pay for usual and customary law office overhead expenses, such as local telephone charges, routine photocopying.
  4. Legal Fees You will pay the Law Firm a legal fee if money recovered for you is greater than Your costs and expenses (See paragraph 3). The fee will be based on a percentage of the net recovery. Net recovery is the total recovered on your behalf, minus your costs and expenses, and minus any interest included in a judgment pursuant to R. 4:42-11(B). The fee will be as follows:

    33-1/3% on all monies Recovered up to $500,000.00
    30% on all monies recovered on the next $500,000.00
    25% on all monies recovered on the next $500,000.00
    20% on all monies recovered on the next $500,000.00
    on all amounts recovered in excess of the above, application will be made to the court to set the fee in accordance with Rule 1:21-7.

  5. Investigation. The Law Firm will do an investigation of your potential claim. If the Law Firm is of the belief that your case is not meritorious or that it would not be advantageous for the Law Firm to continue the representation, the Law Firm will advise you of same in writing and will discontinue the representation.
  6. Signatures. You have read this Agreement. The Law Firm has answered all of your questions and fully explained this Agreement to your complete satisfaction. You have been given a signed copy of the Agreement.