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Work Accident Lawyer

In the wake of an occupational hazard or illness, the most hardworking employee may find themselves too incapacitated to handle normal work duties as they did before the accident or illness. This is why the state has developed workers compensation laws.

These laws provide guidelines for assessment of injury caused to workers, as well as the benefits and money due in case claims are found to be legitimate. Workers compensation benefits are intended to replace the income lost during the time you are unable to go back to employment, as well as providing the means to pay for your recovery plan. For help with the details, hire a workers compensation lawyer.

Unfortunately, most employees find it difficult to secure compensation for the workplace injuries and illnesses from employers or their insurers, even when they have legitimate claims. At the Law Office of Mark Yampaglia, we know what it means to have been injured at work, and suffered long-term, debilitating damage as a result.

We have helped countless employees who are filing for workers compensation, and litigated/negotiated the claims for successful resolution. Contact us today for a workers compensation attorney who can guide you in the next step following a workplace injury. We can assist you with more information on workers compensation insurance and related laws to ensure your rights are protected. Yampaglia Law has affordable work accident lawyers ready to fight for your rights.

Workers Compensation in New York

Workers Compensation Law Suits

If you have suffered injury in your workplace, the first step is to understand what claims are covered under the workers compensation laws, and what claims are not covered. The law provides stringent guidelines about employees and their rights in pursuing compensation. Just because you were at work when the injury occurred does not necessarily qualify you for benefits under workers comp. 

Workers Compensation Insurance

According to the state’s workers compensation laws, you qualify for compensation if the incident causing injury falls under the below-mentioned:

  • The worker must have worked for an entity in a capacity that mandates them to receive workers compensation insurance coverage according to state law
  • The disability, injury or illness suffered must have occurred because of the worker’s job, and in the process of performing duties related to performance of that job
  • The worker must have served their employer with a notice in writing, detailing the incident resulting in injury at most 30 days from the time of occurrence
  • The worker must have a medical report stating that the disability, illness or injury was caused by workplace-related accidents or conditions

Regrettably, insurance providers and employers may still dispute your right to claim compensation, even when your claim qualifies on all the above points. This is why you need the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced workers compensation attorney, to help you collect irrefutable evidence, see the appropriate medical practitioners, and do everything necessary to secure your rightful compensation. Mark Yampaglia Law PC is committed to providing the guidance necessary to process your workers comp claim and ensure your rights are protected. The best way to find a workers compensation lawyer is to do research and ask questions. Yampaglia Law is here to help.

Workers Compensation Laws

Workers Compensation Benefits

The Law Office of Mark Yampaglia can help you secure benefits that apply to your particular situation. The goal is to prevent financial hardship in the interim before a victim can resume their normal income-generating duties, as well as help in the recovery process.

The benefits will be awarded according to the nature of the injury, the time required to make the full recovery, as well as any other factors necessary to aid the recovery process. It is imperative not to sign any documents or receive any settlement from your employer's insurance before seeking legal advice. 

Workers Compensation Insurance